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September 1, 2011

The Secret to a Magazine Wedding

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How to put together the puzzle

The very first purchase a bride will make as soon as she is engaged, (or maybe before for some who just can’t wait) is a wedding magazine and it is never just one publication. She’ll spend hours thumbing through the pages, ripping out photos for the wedding binder and reading all the articles about etiquette and wedding style. They are immediately imagining their big day. This is where the kernels of inspiration begin to arise, but what to do with all of this these ideas and where to begin?

#1.  It’s all about you (both)

The first key to making your wedding day special is making it your own.  Your wedding is about who you are together as a couple.  It is a special day you want your guests to remember and talk about, so make it unique, and start out by identifying a theme and sticking to it.

The guests will be anticipating your wedding from the moment they receive the first save-the-date announcement.  It sets the tone for the whole event, and your guests’ expectations of what is to come. This is when they decide whether or not they are going to buy a new dress for your party or pull an old one out of the closet.

Find a special detail that defines you as a couple, focus on the season or location of your wedding, or just choose a fun theme you know your guest will love.  Whether you are eco-crunchy or urban-chic, getting married in the fall, or have a favorite vacation getaway spot, identifying your theme and style is the most important part of creating continuity and a memorable event.

#2.  Seek professional help

I’m not saying you’re crazy (although I am likely to recommend help for some of you) but there is a reason some hire professionals, and you can bet those weddings featured in the magazines have been put together by skilled experts.  Talented professionals are excellent at their craft and we may make it look easy, but it is not something easily managed by a single person trying to weave together many loose threads.

Once you’ve defined your style it is most important to extend this concept throughout all of the details of your event.  This is the key element for all the pieces of the puzzle to work together.  Qualified vendors and planners will be able to work together to create a cohesive atmosphere for your occasion.  From the venue, the dress, the invitations, the flowers and decor, the cake, the music and the photos; every vendor has a unique style that should compliment your own, and when your goal is to plan a magazine-quality affair, each detail is as important as the next. So it is important to not skip out on any of those special touches. Your out-of-town guests will remember the themed welcome basket in their hotel room, or the inspired favor left at each table setting that will make them think fondly back to your wedding day for days to come.

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