Meet Misty

I love this stuff

Early morning trips to the flower market, sunny afternoons in the garden, I'm lucky enough to call this “work”, but really it’s my passion.

My Journey

It was in college that I found my love for floral design. I soon found myself working at a hometown floral shop, learning the ropes from a second-generation shop owner. After graduation, I moved to Boston and was fortunate enough to be exposed to the wedding floral industry by an amazing artist and gardener. 16 years later I’m exactly where I want to be. In the studio, in the garden, at the flower market and sharing what I love with so many wonderful couples.

A Green Thumb

Gardening and weddings for me go hand in hand. I love flowers so much maybe it’s not a coincidence that my last name is Florez. I got married and couldn’t let go of it!


Being a mom and wife are two of the top 3 things I am most proud of. Nectar is the other. It is in my blood to be an entrepreneur. I never would have guessed, but I’m so fortunate I’m in the wedding floral business. I was born to do this.